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Building Code

Building Regulations (SNIP) is a set of basic regulations for the compilation of design and construction documents and implementation of industrial, housing and other types of construction in our country. Building Regulations states of the USSR State Committee for Construction, they are mandatory for all design, construction and installation companies, industrial enterprises of building materials and structures, regardless of their affiliation, as well as for agencies engaged in the acceptance of construction works.

SNIP consist of the following four parts: Part I, General Provisions, Part IIvNormy design, part IIIvPravila production and acceptance of work, part IVc estimated rules and regulations.

Part I establishes a system of regulations, construction terminology, classification of buildings and structures, rules, appointment of modular dimensions and tolerances in the construction.

Part II contains the general requirements for the design, design bases, foundations, building structures and building services and facilities of all types of construction.

Part III regulates the organization and technology of construction, provides guidance and requirements for technology construction works and their reception, to the safe conduct of work, determines the specifics of building production under extreme conditions (at low temperatures in permafrost regions, in areas with dry and hot climate, etc.), and provides guidance on quality control of construction products. Thus, in this part of SNIP provides important guidance on the technology of building production.

Part IV shows the estimated rate for all major types of construction, general construction and special works, as well as instructions for drawing up the estimated cost of construction materials, products , construction and machine-shifts.

agencies and ministries, in addition to snip produce instructions and guidance, taking into account the peculiarities of construction processes in various local conditions.

Building Regulations on as improve the technical level of construction and development of excellence construction industry periodically review and update.

SNIP and other documents are the basis for technological design.


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